Q: When I receive my login details?
A: If you have signed up for a free acount, you will receive your login details immediatelly after submission. In case of paid membership the login details are sent after the payment is processed.

Q: Do you have a trial version of UltraMail24?
A: Yes, just go to https://www.ultramail24.com/join-for-free and sign for a free account.
You can send up to 3000 emails a month completely for free!

Q: How fast is your system for sending emails?
A: We have a hundreds of separate SMTP servers that can send milions of emails per day. All campaigns are sent from multithreaded environment so you can expect very fast delivery.

Q: Can I set the sender's e-mail?
A: You can set the parameters of the email as the From, Reply-to, Bounce-to.

Q: Is it possible to add attachment(PDF) to my newsletter?
A: Yes, you can attach file to your newsletter.

Q: Can I import contacts from CSV file?
A: Yes, you can import your contacts from CSV file(multiple fields), TXT file or from your Google Calendar.